Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baden Powell - Canto on Guitar [1970]

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Recorded in 1970, Canto on Guitar is widely considered to be one of Baden Powell's best albums. The first track of the album is "Samba em Prelúdio," which is the album's only track with real lyrics (written by the poet Vinícius de Morães and sung here by Powell himself). The second track, "Três Temas da Fé Afro-Brasileira," is, as the title suggests, really three different compositions (they are even separated by pauses). The first of these three compositions is called "Pai" and would reappear on Powell's 1971 album Estudos. The two following are called "Filho" and "Espírito Santo." What all three themes have in common are their typical Afro-Brazilian percussion backing and rhythms. "Pai" also features a berimbau. On "Tributo a um Amigo," on the other hand, is an unaccompanied guitar solo played by Powell. "Qua Quara Qua Qua" is a samba/bossa co-written by the famous samba composer P.C. Pinheiro. The concluding track of the album is the beautiful "Cegos do Nordeste," with its slightly Arabic-sounding guitar play and delicate percussion backing. [Source: AMG]

Beautiful. One of my favorite albums.

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