Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sufjan Stevens - Age of Adz

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With his sixth proper album, Sufjan Stevens does battle with what we've come to expect from a proper Sufjan Stevens album. This time, instead of painstakingly humanizing the locations, historical inhabitants, and trivia of a certain slab of America, he's more concerned with his own state of mind. Banjos are out; moody electronics, deep bass, and drums that burst like geysers are in. The lengthiest song title on his last LP, 2005's Illinois, was 53 words long; here, that same superlative goes to a tune called "I Want to Be Well". He's whispering less, hollering more. And at the climax of The Age of Adz, the devout Christian and poster boy for mannered indie-dude sensitivity shouts, "I'm not fuckin' around!" no less than 16 times. Believe him.

Yet, there is no mistaking this as a work by the Detroit-born, Brooklyn-dwelling overachiever. Trilling flutes, meticulously arranged choirs, and an overarching sense of hugeness are still apparent. The record's last track, "Impossible Soul", is a five-part suite that lasts more than 25 minutes and boasts harps, horns, blips, Auto-Tuned vocals, a twee-dance breakdown, some cheerleader call-and-response, and even a little trad-folk guitar picking, you know, for kicks. That single track bulges with more engaging ideas than most artists could muster in a career, and there's no one else on earth that could've come up with it. Even the record's glitched backdrop isn't entirely unprecedented; Stevens' pre-breakout 2001 instrumental album Enjoy Your Rabbit could be looked back on as a sketchbook for what would become The Age of Adz. So as Stevens' current restlessness fights it out with his past accomplishments, the listener ends up winning. - pitchfork


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gomby said...

Its nice to see people with interesting taste in music. Looking forward to more

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Nice album

Pirdefnit said...

Nice album

frankie, my cat. said...

I agree with gomby, but many of the musicblogs I have seen don't post "samples" like a youtubeclip or a myspace-page. I've never heard of most of the bands that you don't find on the radio, so it's hard to find samples too maybe?
Keep it up btw. Seems like you enjoy what your doing.

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yea, I like to come here to be educated in music :P

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i like how you listen to the not so mainstream artists, you should check my blog out, although its more of hip hop.

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